Fundamentals of Invincibility

The latest scientific discoveries in the fields of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory reveal the fundamental principles of invincibility that are practically applied through Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Approach to Defence and that can practically achieve unprecedented levels of national security, strength, and invincibility. These principles include:

The Principle of Indomitable Strength

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that a system’s intrinsic energy is proportional to its characteristic frequency:

As a consequence, nuclear processes, with their characteristic frequency (where is the proton radius), energetically overwhelm chemical processes, whose characteristic frequencies are vastly smaller: (where is a typical molecular dimension).

Hence, even if a molecular structure appears impregnable, such as a crystalline lattice of ammonium iodide, this structure can be shattered instantly by a nuclear event, e.g., the radioactive decay of an iodine nucleus embedded within the chemical lattice.

Similarly, a seemingly impregnable nuclear structure, such as an oxygen nucleus, is easily shattered when a constituent nucleon explodes through a grand-unified lepto-quark transition, e.g.,

These examples illustrate that more fundamental levels of Natural Law are indeed more powerful.

The scale of superunification (the level of the unified field) is the ultimate time and distance scale. It is the scale of quantum gravity,* the Planck scale (10-33 cm)—the dynamical origin of space and time. Because this scale is millions upon millions of times smaller than the atomic nucleus, the uncertainty principle guarantees that it is correspondingly millions upon millions of times more powerful. The unified field can therefore easily overpower and overwhelm any previous level of scientific technology—chemical, electronic, biological or nuclear.

Meissner Effect: Invincibility through Internal Coherence

The Meissner effect illustrates another profound principle of invincibility, derived from the quantum physics of superconductors. In an ordinary conductor (left side), incoherent, disordered electrons allow penetration by an external magnetic field. In a superconductor (right side), coherent collective functioning of the electrons spontaneously expels external magnetic fields, maintaining absolute impenetrability.

This principle of invincibility through internal coherence seen in the Meissner Effect is by no means unique to a superconductor; it is found throughout the physical and biological sciences. In every case, the natural ability of a system to resist disorder is based on coherent collective functioning.

Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Approach to Defence utilizes this principle of the Meissner Effect to create an invincible armor for the nation. By generating powerful coherence in national consciousness, Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Approach to Defence creates an impenetrable border that protects the nation against any potentially disruptive or harmful influence from the outside.

Gauge Supersymmetry: Invincibility through Infinite Adaptability

Gauge supersymmetry is the scientific principle through which the unified field dynamically upholds its unity—its perfectly balanced supersymmetric union of diametrically opposed tendencies, known as Bose and Fermi fields. If this perfect, supersymmetric balance were to be challenged by potentially disruptive permutations among its bosonic and fermionic components, then specialized components of the unified field called gauge gravitinos spontaneously respond with a countervailing force, preserving the perfect symmetry of the system.

All these fundamental principles of invincibility—the principle of indomitable strength, the principle of impenetrable coherence (the Meissner Effect), and the principle of infinite adaptability (gauge supersymmetry)—become fully functional in the nation when the qualities of the unified field are enlivened in national consciousness through large groups of coherence-creating experts practicing Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Approach to Defence.

These cutting-edge scientific principles of invincibility from physics explain how, in modern scientific terms, by enlivening total Natural Law—the unified field—and its invincible qualities in the collective consciousness of society, Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Approach to Defence creates indomitable strength and national invincibility—as confirmed by extensive published research.

*Among the advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation is “Yogic Flying,” an ancient but profound mental technique that generates powerful, sustained brainwave coherence. Regular practice of Yogic Flying brings growing mastery over the force of gravity, as demonstrated by the body’s spontaneous rising off the ground in response to a purely mental impulse.

Mastery over gravity demonstrates the capability of the fully developed human mind to function from the level of quantum gravity—the only level from which conventional, classical gravity can be controlled. The scale of quantum gravity is the Planck scale—the scale of Super Unification, where gravity unites with the other fundamental forces to become the unified field (see chart). Here the ability to function at the level of quantum gravity implies the ability to function at the level of the unified field—the field of total Natural Law. Therefore, the growing mastery over gravity seen during Yogic Flying truly indicates growing mastery over all the laws of nature. It is from this most fundamental and powerful level of the unified field—the field of total Natural Law—that the practice of Yogic Flying enlivens indomitable coherence in collective consciousness, and invincibility in the nation.